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Can drugs or alcohol affect a pregnancy test?

So many women are curious to know about this topic for a while since they don’t have the right information about this, they are being afraid of so many things to occur with them regarding health problems. For over years pregnant women have been having this misconception that alcohol and drugs consumption can affect their pregnancy test. Well, that’s not the case, to know more about this fact you first need to understand the things are that goes behind. Here are some of the answers to this misconception that are deeply researched by experts.

Many pregnant women who really don’t know about this is that when a woman gets pregnant it produces a special hormone in their urine called the HCG. It really doesn’t have anything to do with your alcohol consumption and the pregnancy test. The hormone is still being produced even though you consume alcohol. On the other hand, it definitely affects your baby. If you want to get female infertility treatment, then you must find out any good hospital.

Even though your body does not affect your pregnancy test with alcohol consumption, you still need to be careful with it because there is a high chance for you to suffer from some other health issues. Therefore it is very important for you to know the actual time when you conceived after intercourse, and this is how you can try to investigate your pregnancy test after that.

After sex, the sperm enters the body and live there for 5 days, but it is very difficult to tell the right date to when you need to get your pregnancy test because in some cases it can try to fertilize an egg on the same day. But egg fertilization and conceiving are not enough to get positive results at your pregnancy test. Earlier we talked about HCG, yes production of HCG can take a while and it may not produce the moment you get pregnant.

Although you may not know that even if your body starts to produce HCG it is still not enough for you to get positive results because the hormone multiplies its content and it can take up to 10 or 15 days to get a positive result of a pregnancy test. That is why the higher you have intercourse with your partner your chances will increase getting a positive result.

Therefore the above explanation tells that alcohol and drugs consumption does not really affect your pregnancy test but it does increase the chances of health risk to the baby. In the future you may experience so many problems with your baby. It can affect the growth cell of the baby; the baby’s brain may not function well as it normally does with the other babies. The best advice by most reputed doctors for infertility treatment Delhi is to simply avoid all these intoxicant drinks and drugs while you are at a stage pregnancy to save yourself in increasing the risk of many health issues. This way both you and the baby will be healthy.

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