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Have a Luxurious Wedding Day with Dress Code of Mermaid Wedding Dress

The wedding is a day when the bride and groom submit their lives to each other till their last breath, and those moments are one of the precious moments in their life.And celebrating this day on some of the best destinations in the world is a wish of every couple. 

So below you can find several destinations where you can have an aquatic theme wedding with Mermaid Wedding Dresses. And that Mermaid wedding dress would no doubt match perfectly with the surrounding.Have you ever heard about the Ice Hotel? Well, it is a hotel that is created entirely from ice in Quebec. Well, you might be thinking that how is it even possible that a hotel made of ice stays a whole year in a row, and you are right it does not stay once the summer arrives.

Wedding in Ice Hotel

So you can get your wedding done in this luxurious hotel from January till April. No doubt this type of wedding would make all other of your friends jealous from you, but on the other hand, this wedding would cost you around $1.5m to $2m.And if you are not some business tycoon or multi-millionaire then it is just impossible for you to afford such kind of a wedding.Then next comes Shamwari Game Reserve. Now if you want to experience the true form of nature then no doubt this location is just the best for you. Here your wedding reception will be held on a top of the hill with African Lands till several miles, and animals moving around in those lands. This place is certainly close to nature, and for nature-lovingcouples, this could be the best opportunity of their lifetime.

Wedding at Shamwari Game Reserve

Then inside Shamwari Game reserve, there is a villa as well which is named as Longlee Manor. Over here you can let yourself and your guests to stay. And again for such an exotic wedding, you must have savings of more than $3m to $4m. Next Destination on this list is Tobago Beach. If you know about Stonehaven Bay then you would surely know that it is famous for its crystal clear water, and its turquoise colour due to sunlight. If you want to have your wedding over here then there is a special wedding package available to rent this whole area for a day.

Wedding at Tobago Beach

And there is also a villa nearby with three bedrooms, but if you want to stay in that villa then you have to pay up extra rent. But as far as view is being concerned nor you or your guests would ever be able to forget these beautiful and special moments in such stunning and spectacular surrounding. This whole land is still untouched by any kind of human construction beside a villa which is there for the stay of tourists or for couple and guests. This whole package including villa rent would cost you at least $1m or $1.1m which is less than both of the above destinations.

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