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Free Registration for Global Education Fair 2019 in Pune

Every year, the Global Education Interact (GEI) by the Chopras help hundreds of student study abroad by giving them the platform to explore the options of studying in top universities from across the globe. How? During the Global Education Fair, top universities from across the globe gather under one roof to meet and interact with students.
The Global Education fair is scheduled to come to Pune on 5th Feb at Sheraton Grand from 11am to 5pm. Book your seats in advance now.
So, what has GEI 2019 got to offer?
Over 75 globally ranked universities from across 9 top study destinations are all set to participate in the education fair 2019. Aside many other perks of attending the education fair, during the GEI, students who have started their application process as well as those who haven’t yet, gets the opportunity to have detailed conversations here their best options are assessed free of cost!
Participating Universities and Country
Among the 75+ participating universities, some of the top names include-
·1Deakin University
·2Monash University
·3University of Birmingham
·4University of Manchester
·5Kings College London
·6Yorkville University
·7Kaplan Singapore
·8Webster University
·9National University of Ireland Galway
These highly ranked universities are from top destinations in the world, i.e.
·10                    Australia
·11                    The UK
·12                    The US
·13                    Canada
·14                    Germany
·15                    Singapore
·16                    Dubai
·17                    New Zealand
·18                    Ireland
If you are still under the process of shortlisting country/university, you can check more university names here.
Advantages of attending GEI, the biggest global education fair in Pune
·19                    Meet country experts: One of the perks of attending the GEI is the detailed discussions where issues are discussed and best options are assessed by country experts and highly trained counsellors. During the GEI, a team of experienced relationship managers are available for free consultation so that when the student meets the university delegates, they are clear on their options.
·20                    Priority application & assessment for 2019 intake: If you are serious about studying abroad, meeting university delegates during the GEI will be one the wisest decisions as assessment and application for 2019 intake is given the top priority. With the university admissions team present in the GEI, you can come prepared for application by bringing the following set of documents (4 sets):
·21                    10th Std Mark Sheet
·22                    12th Std Mark Sheet
·23                    Degree Mark Sheet
·24                    2 Reference/Recommendation Letters
·25                    Statement of Purpose
·26                    Copy of Passport
·27                    2 Passport size Photographs
·28                    Information on education loan, visa application etc: As the attending student get the opportunity to discuss at length, it gives the right platform to get detailed information on the issues of visa application so that last minute delay or careless mistakes could be avoided. GEI is also the right place to get more information on availability of education loan, financial aid and more.
·29                    Check eligibility for scholarships & fee waivers: Multiple universities offer scholarship opportunities and fee waivers to student based on merit and other factors. Getting your student profile assessed in the GEI will give you the opportunity to find out if you are eligible for scholarships or fee waivers. For this reason, students are advised to bring academic documents and test scores (if any)
Don’t forget to register for the GEI!

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