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6 Things to Keep in Mind While Picking your Prom Dress

Prom evening is by far the most awaited event of all those graduating high school and stepping into the real world. The excitement of the prom evening starts way before the day actually arrives. Planning with friends, looking for ideas to make the big night a memorable one is all a part of the process of welcoming the event. Most important decision to be made is ‘what to wear’ for each one strives to be the cynosure of the evening.

Here are some points to keep in mind while choosing prom dresses:

Comfortable enough to dance Around

Prom night is synonymous with shiny outfits, tailored suits, glowing faces and happiness. To cherish the experiences on your prom night, you can’t go wrong with the dress you pick. However, at the same time, it’s imperative that you pick something that you are comfortable in to dance and walk around.

Break your Style Perimeter

Don’t restrict your option. It’s once in a lifetime event, so be bold enough to try on something that you have never really worn before. If you are top to toe black dress lover, why not try something floral and ruffles for the night? If you have only knee length dresses or minis, it’s time to experiment with a long prom dress.Check what’s trending and pick something that will win you some instant followers on Instagram.

Pick your colour

Black being the iconic colour of a party dress, you may go for other colours too. Some of the trending colours are whiskey brown, fuchsia pink, yellow, royal blue etc.

Price Range

Setting a budget will make the process of choosing prom dresses simpler. When you want a short or a long prom dress, you are likely to find one within your range. You must not feel obligated to buy a designer piece and spend a fortune on it. There are several styles of prom dresses available at various price ranges, so look at around well to find one that fits your budget. You may need to start well in advance to find that perfect outfit for yourself. Last minute rush may not give you the liberty to lay your hands on the dress that’s been just made for you.

Is there a Dress Code?

Many schools ask to follow a specified dress code. Find any rule has been instituted by your school or not. Also, there could be a theme for the prom night, so your dress and make up need to reflect the same. So, before you start shopping, find out these little details, to save yourself from any disappointment later on.


Once you have picked your prom dress, it’s time to team it with the right pair of shoes. Even for along prom dress, shoes accentuate the overall look and add that touch of elegancy.

You don’t have to be a make up wizard to complete your look. A simple eyeliner, contrasting lip color and a bit of bronzing your cheeks will do the trick. ON your prom evening, you can’t afford to have a bad hair experience. You may need a professional help to get it right, unless you an expert hair dresser yourself.  Also, don’t forget to carry the right clutch to finish off the look. Last but not least, wear your smile, with your head held high, rock the most important night of your high school life.

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