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Protect yourself at 10 most visited Religious places in India with Pilgrimage Insurance

Summary: Pilgrimage places of India are simply stunning and they attract a huge mass of pilgrims. Pilgrims should have proper pilgrimage insurance for their safety.

Many popular pilgrimage-places are there to visit in India and every year these places get overcrowded with pilgrims all across the country. While moving to pilgrim-places in India anything and everything might happen. Therefore, you should take-up great pilgrimage insurance as the last-minute resolution.

Popular pilgrimage-destinations:

  • Vaishno-Devi (Jammu): Pilgrimage holiday insurance is a great need especially when you are visiting Jammu for getting at Vaishno-Devi. This is the temple of Adi-Shakti or mother-goddess. 
  • Tirumala-Venkateshwara (Tirupati): In dedication to Lord-Vishnu, this temple has been established. Tirupati-Balaji is a place where Hindus visit in mass every year.  You are recommended visiting this temple especially during Brahmotsavam festival which involves a big celebration.
  • Siddhivinayak (Mumbai): If you have great faith in Lord-Ganesha then this religious-site is the right place for you. This temple is the richest of all temples in Mumbai that holds highest crowd.
  • Sree-Ayyappa (Sabarimala): If you have love for Western-Ghats then you would love to visit this religious destination. Pathanamthitta from Kerala is the place where this temple is located. You have to go at Sahayadri-hilltop for reaching this famous temple of Lord-Ayyappa. This temple is being surrounded by mountain-hills and dense forests.
  • Moinuddin-Chisti (Ajmer): This religious-site had been created in the memory of the great saint named Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. Not only Muslims but Sikh and Hindu pilgrims also visit this famous darga.
  • Harmandir-Sahib (Amritsar): Harmandir-Sahib is also popularly known as Golden-temple. This gurudwara is located at Amritsar in Punjab. Four doors along with beautiful lake have made this temple much more religious and beautiful. Sikhs explore their Punjabi-culture by celebrating Baisakhi in this temple.
  • Basilica-Of-Bom-Jesus (Goa): This is the biggest pilgrim-place under UNESCO-World-Heritage. This church is a significant part of Christianity. Both in Goa and India, this church seems to be the oldest and most popular.
  • Sai-Baba (Shirdi):  Shirdi-town of Maharashtra has become famous because of Sai-Baba. Every year, almost millions of pilgrims including Muslims, Hindus and Zoroastrian come to visit the temple for seeing the Samadhi of this great saint. Pilgrimage travel insurance India gives a strong support to these pilgrims.
  • Mahabodhi (Bodhgaya): This is a popular Buddhist-temple at Bihar where Lord-Buddha got enlightment. Bodhimanda-Vihara monastery and Bodhi-tree are the things that visitors come to visit within temple complex.
  • Ranakpur (Pali): Famous Jain-temple is located at Pali in Rajasthan. The temple is basically placed in between two amazing cities-Udaipur and Jodhpur. Adinath has been dedicated out here especially due to the presence of light-colored marbles. Many smartest Jains take special pilgrimage travel insurance before visiting this popular temple.
  • Amarnath-Dham (Srinagar): Amarnath-cave has gained fame as the most pious place of Hindu’s most powerful god, Lord-Shiva. Snowy-mountains are found around this cave. During Shravan month, water freezing leads to the natural formation of ice-made lingam and this lingam is being worshipped as Lord-Shiva.
  • Lord-Jagannath (Puri): This temple is situated over the coastal-side of Orissa. This is a popular pilgrimage for Hindus. In June, popular festival called Ratha-jatra is being celebrated out here as the biggest occasion of the year.
You can contact any pilgrimage insurance company for getting the best policy. Make sure that you are receiving your desirable coverage. Compare policies for the best quote that can satisfy both your requirement and budget. Kumbh-Mela is the place that attracts huge gathering in haridwar. Diverse nations all across the globe come to visit this celebration. India is the place of varied religions and due to this reason so many pilgrimage places have emerged. Visiting these places is important but you should always carry pilgrimage-insurance for safe journey.

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