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Comparing the Academic Culture of Your Home Country to Your Study Abroad Destination

If you are going to studyabroad you are going to face so many challenges and cultural differences at first place, because everything you are about to experience is going to be completely new. It’s like a baby trying to take its first step.  It really doesn’t matter when you come from or what culture you belong. As long as you are in a new land you will need to understand the language, food and culture etc.

Living and accommodation

when it comes to living in a different country you are definitely not going to feel comfortable at the first place because you are far away from home and that makes it hard for you. But slowly you have to make an adjustment at some point. Because in countries like US, UK and Canada students usually don’t stay at home and go to colleges. They would either stay in a hostel sharing room with a college friend or get a nice apartment to move in with friends. They definitely don’t go to college from home. As you start going to universities study abroad you will also notice that almost 60 percent of the college and university students comes from abroad like Africa, south east Asia, and south America etc. counties like USA and Canada have the highest numbers of foreign students coming every year.

Studying and other activities

if you know about non western countries you must have notices one thing very strict among them which is studying. And that has to be taken absolutely seriously. But countries like Canada, United states and other western counties you are more likely to follow different which means that besides your daily study routine you are being allowed to perform other activities like sports, music, language, literature etc they make sure that you are being introduced to many other things besides studies to make your brain fresh and sharper.

Globally recognized schools-

 many of the students already know that most top colleges and universities come from the English speaking countries. And university like Harvard in USA and Oxford University in UK are among the top universities ranking in the world. And if you get to any of these universities you are more likely to secure yourself a good earning job for future. But I am not saying that other universities are bad there is absolutely nothing wrong if you study at university of Delhi or any other of your choice, it’s just that you are more likely to impress others by getting a degree from those universities.

Studies abroad in globally recognized language-

when you finish your studies in English you are more likely to get so many benefits from it. Because English is a global language and where ever you go in any part of the world you will always need English. Therefore if you want to study abroad, it’s beneficial for you to get a degree in English as well 

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