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Top 5 Destinations to Travel in winter

Top 5 Destinations to Travel in winter

Asia is the perfect continent to escape the winter cold and make a trip to one of its countries full of charm, nature, good weather and a mixture of modernity and tradition. Therefore, we wanted to select some of the best destinations to travel in winter and escape the low temperatures:


A country where you can enjoy the bustle of Bangkok, the tradition of its temples, the hospitality of its people and a unique natural environment in the world. The favorite destination for those who travel to Asia for the first time and one of the cheapest places for travelers with tight budgets. In addition, it offers the possibility of enjoying paradisiacal beaches such as Koh Tao, Krabi or Phuket, to name but a few. Without a doubt, one of the star countries for the winter.


A classic of travel to Asia in which everyone who goes is moved by the perpetual smile that its inhabitants give to the globetrotter who arrives there. Its green and leafy jungles and the vestiges of the sad war they experienced are a plus when it comes to knowing a destination with a history as tumultuous as it is fascinating. In addition, it has little known beaches for mass tourism that will delight lovers of water sports and all those who want to be admired by the nature of the place.


India is a shocking country like few others, in which its population teaches the traveler how to be happy with very little. Perhaps the most mystical and spiritual of the Asian destinations, with permission from Nepal. A magical place for its colors, its temples, festivals, the history, traditions and culture of the religions that coexist in it and a famous gastronomy all over the world. Corners of an impressive beauty are available in India such as Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Fathepur Sikri or Agra, Varanasi and so many other beautiful attractions that awaits anyone who in addition to a geographical, want to make an inner India tour.


The perfect place if you want to lose yourself in white sand beaches and turquoise sea whiles the cold lashes the peninsula. A place to snorkel surrounded by colorful fish and coral reefs, contemplate the most beautiful sunsets on Earth and imagine what Eden should have been like if it ever existed.


The perfect trip to get to know the essence of ancient Burma, its people, its culture and its fascinating temples and natural surroundings. A fascinating corner of the earth for lovers of Asian cultures and archeology, with an unknown gastronomy that surprises with its fusion of elements of nearby cultures. One of the ideal destinations to deepen in the true heart of Asia.

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